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Atmo and the Lightz - Eclectic II (MP3 Album)

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Atmo and the Lightz

Atmo and the Lightz - Eclectic II (MP3 Album)

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Most dreams we cherish have a secondary nature in the sense that we lose them over time or consciously let them go. Other dreams, in contrast, though only very few, may get lost again and again in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives but re-emerge as soon as the right kind of light rays hit them. They are too existential to ever be abandoned completely. Ambient 'Übervater' Amir Abadi aka Dr. Atmo had a dream that falls in this very category: a music project that had been born twenty years and forty albums earlier. More of a music lover than established producer at the time, he was deeply impressed by 'One World, One Voice', an album produced by Rupert Hine as a 'chain tape' including contributions from more than 150 musicians from across the globe. Dr. Atmo knew that one day he would come up with his own interpretation of this idea. 'One day' finally arrived about three years ago - and the double album 'Eclectic' is now finally completed. The right kind of light rays hit Dr. Atmo in the form of a building project - an art complex that the full-time architect redesigned in the heart of Berlin in 2007 - which brought him frequently in contact with musicians. He invited nine of them, from different genres but all international masters in their own right, to play together under the name 'Lightz' and soon enough the group performed at Berlin's ultra-hip club/restaurant 'Rodeo's' dinner music nights. 'Lightz' members include renowned German Dub producer 'Aldubb', punk rock bassist 'Beda', percussion legend and Achmed Subhy-trained Michael Metzler, concert pianist and Bobby McFerrin student Johanna Seiler (piano, vocals) as well as 'Jah Seal' (Reggae & MC), Nina Gerhard aka Laloba (Jazz, Experimental Pop), Lani Moon and Ole Junge (R&B, Soul) as well as Nuwella Love (Dancehall, Pop). 'Eclectic' combines natural and synthetic sounds as easily and smoothly as the artists' different individual styles, carrying listeners away on a mind-expanding journey to a distant universe - an enthralling mix that can best be classified as ambient music. And while Atmo in his capacity as basic loop provider chooses a more trip-like approach intensified by Laloba's 'Deep Down' vocals that bring to mind Portishead sounds, the cosmic dust is condensed on CD2 into sparkling lounge and jazz stars that derive their luminosity from the vocal qualities of Nuwella Love and Jah Seal. 'Looking Forward' and 'Never Too Late' are only two of the album's 30 highlights that are open to various interpretations - though one would never guess that they are the result of casual acquaintances. 'Eclectic' by 'Atmo & The Lightz' proves most impressively that mixing modern production techniques and traditional instruments can produce some amazing results.

Alle tracks

Atmo and the Lightz - Garden of ...

Varighed: 1:32

Atmo and the Lightz - Memorize

Varighed: 6:11

Atmo and the Lightz - Dark Magic Woman

Varighed: 4:51

Atmo and the Lightz - Let It Go (Nightmix) (Nightmix)

Varighed: 5:45

Atmo and the Lightz - Coming Home

Varighed: 3:50

Atmo and the Lightz - Looking Forward

Varighed: 4:10

Atmo and the Lightz - Never Too Late

Varighed: 3:30

Atmo and the Lightz - Love Is Needed

Varighed: 4:02

Atmo and the Lightz - Riddim In My Soul

Varighed: 5:55

Atmo and the Lightz - Sahara Nightz

Varighed: 2:08

Atmo and the Lightz - So Many Tears

Varighed: 4:54

Atmo and the Lightz - Dont Hold Back

Varighed: 3:57

Atmo and the Lightz - Free Your Feeling

Varighed: 2:46

Atmo and the Lightz - In Memory of ...

Varighed: 1:35

Atmo and the Lightz - Garden of Timez

Varighed: 4:38


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